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{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL Information and Removal:

The file {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL was tested and considered as Adware.

Adware displays pop-up ads in order to generate revenue for its author.

{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL shows pop-up ads or text ads or advertising banners.

Sometimes {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL displays coupons banners for sites you are visiting.

The banners are really annoying and invasive.

There is no way to stop {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL unwanted pop-ups.

Clicking link causes randomly redirecting your browser to the different pages with advertisements of computer speedup utilities fake antiviruses and other unwanted software.

How did {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL got on my computer?

It can be downloaded from the program's web site or bundled with some third-party software.

{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL is often bundled within the installers from download sites.

Most of software download sites distribute pay-per-install bundles instead of original installers.

We recommend you to download software only from vendor web site or from trusted sources.

Get more info about {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL...

Suggest you to remove the {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL file and all related files.

{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL is known as:
Antivirus testing: 1 / 68
Dangerous Status: Adware
Malware Aliases: PUP.Yontoo.RazorWeb (M).

MD5 of {034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL = EA951A1D835E944AF7DC98F7DB08303A

{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL size is 544520 bytes.

Full path on a computer: C:\USERS\{USER}\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL


{034440DE-8034-43A1-AC78-A5C518AA4911}.DLL PUP.YONTOO.RAZORWEB (M)

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